Robert Fowler


CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

There has never been a time in my life in which I did not care in some way about being fit, although in my youth it was perpetuated mainly from sport and unorganized activity, as opposed to targeted training with a purpose. I grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball, along with any other sport I was invited to try, and I usually enjoyed every one. In high school, I narrowed that field down to basketball, football, and track and field.
After high school I maintained my fitness through basketball and traditional lifting. In 2010 I joined the US Army Infantry, where I served for five years, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan. While in the Army I learned the importance of being a well-rounded and well-prepared athlete, capable of performing odd tasks in the most dire of circumstances. I discovered, through much experimentation on my own, that CrossFit was far-and-away the best way to keep myself both mentally and physically prepared for the challenges presented to me during my service.
In the beginning I watched videos during every free second I had, and once I began to see results and obtained a firm grasp of the concept and movements, I began teaching my squad and platoon mates who in-turn became addicted. CrossFit not only turned my squad mates into physically elite athletes, but also made us mentally fortified human beings, and lessened the effect of unfortunate events that occur in a career in the military. Upon my departure from the military, I obtained my Level 1 Trainer Certificate, and began searching for a way to help others find what I have: CrossFit instills both an incredible physical preparedness and strong mental control in one’s body, which begets confidence in all areas outside of the box as well.

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